Mobile technologies are changing the advertising world by making it a lot easier for business owners to get their promotional message heard and get the exposure that was once reserved only by the companies with big advertising budgets. So how can you get that kind of exposure? The answer is simple, use Bluetooth Proximity Marketing to put your advertising message in the hands of hundreds of mobile phone owners daily.

What is Bluetooth Proximity Marketing?

Bluetooth Proximity Marketing is a new powerful method of free, direct advertising. It allows you to send promotional messages directly to any mobile phone that is within range of the place where you do business. You can also promote your business to anyone who walks past by sending business cards and electronic flyers which can be delivered to mobile phones automatically. You can even expand your reach by installing the Bluetooth software onto your laptop and taking it on the move, take it in the car, to trade shows, exhibitions, shopping centers or any public event and send hundreds, or even thousands of messages, promoting your business for free on a 24/7 basis. Almost every phone now comes with built-in Bluetooth technology and most people are actively using Bluetooth in their everyday lives with Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth car kits and other accessories, so the chances are your advertisements will get the considerable exposure that you previously only dreamt of.

Bluetooth Proximity Marketing: Quick start

Bluetooth Proximity Marketing is easy to get started. You will need a laptop or PC with built in Bluetooth technology, if you do not have that, you will need to have an external Bluetooth dongle and the TextBlue Proximity Sender software, which turns any computer into a Bluetooth Proximity Marketing machine.

At the core of the TextBlue Proximity Sender, software is the Wireless Communication Library (WCL), which enables the application to communicate with mobile phones and other wireless devices via Bluetooth. Designed specifically for Bluetooth Proximity Marketing, Wireless Communication Library enables the application to discover and connect to all wireless devices in the area and upload files at high speed. The TextBlue Proximity Sender software can be used to send any type of file which is compatible with mobile phones, including digital business cards, coupons, mobile video, pictures, animated images, audio, Java games, bar codes and more.

The TextBlue Proximity Sender software is extremely simple and gives you full control of your campaign. To start, a new campaign needs to be created using the TextBlue Proximity Sender software, the campaign name then needs to be entered, upload a file to broadcast, or make a business card, or coupon flyer and schedule the campaign to be broadcast continuously or only on specific days or times. Once that is done, you’re on the way to massive exposure and sales. The program starts looking for Bluetooth-enabled devices in the area and sends the message on autopilot. Anyone visiting your business or going past can get your message, read and take action if interested.

Why Bluetooth Proximity Marketing works

Let’s say, for example, you have a shop and want to advertise some particular goods to customers who are already inside and to promote the shop to passers-by walking in the immediate vicinity of the shop. In just a few minutes, you can set up campaigns in the TextBlue Proximity Sender and send a business card to introduce your business to potential customers passing by or send promotional flyers with discount coupons to customers inside the shop. Customers can store your messages for later viewing, or resend your coupons to friends and family, producing the viral advertising effect.

If you are looking for an effective method to get your promotional message heard and get exposure for your goods and services with a minimum amount of efforts and a small initial investment, Bluetooth Proximity Marketing is a great way to go. Download the TextBlue Proximity Sender software for a free trial and see the possible results.